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Research groups and centres of excellence | Overview
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Research at the Institute for Machine Tools

At the Institute for Machine Tools, research is focussed on the design and the technological aspects of machine tools. Fundamental emphasis is also put on the behaviour of machine tools, the simulation as well as the optimization of machines and processes.

Our research work is divided into five groups:

  • Machine design
  • Machine analysis
  • Metal cutting
  • Wood machining
  • Composites machining

Four areas of research are set up as interdisciplinary cross-sectional functions.

In addition, specific competences are concentrated in centres of excellence, partly in cooperation with other research institutions.


This picture showsHans-Christian Möhring
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Hans-Christian Möhring

Chair and Director

This picture showsThomas Stehle

Thomas Stehle

Chief Engineer

This picture showsJohannes Rothmund

Johannes Rothmund

Akademic Director

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